So I took a year-long hiatus from this website.

You may also notice that I took down the previous book reviews.

I just reached a point where I wanted more.

My writing didn't feel authentic, and I thought I was writing more for others than in a way I actually enjoyed. People will tell you that your writing should be structured this way, and you must write about that.

But what is the point? Why am I even doing this if it seems more like a chore?

And that's a big point of this. I am doing this to share what I enjoy.

So here's the update.

I am going to get back to writing again.

So fear not; the reviews will return along with other posts.

On other notes, I've been focusing on other ventures during this hiatus, which you will notice with the new Store tab.

I've moved into the business of selling on TCG Player, eBay, and

I'll talk more about this later, but I'm really excited about this new venture and the opportunities it will open up.

So I'll leave this with a question.

Have you ever done a reset on something you started?

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